Frequently Asked Questions

What type of service do you offer and what products?

uDesign It Chalky  is an exclusive retailer for Chalky & Company. I am happy to bring you all the amazing items Chalky has to offer. In addition, I offer virtual and in-person Chalky painting workshops to help you with your DIY home decor needs. My product line is everything Chalky including the signature Chalky paints, gel stains, glazes, Maine pine projects, brushes, embellishments, and hardware. uDesign it Chalky is truly a one-stop shop for all things Chalky.

What if I have never Chalky painted before?

Chalky & Company products are easy to use. And uDesign it Chalky is offering a wide variety of instructional techniques for Chalky home decor projects. I have over 5 years of experience along with a great product line from Chalky & Company, and I am an Exclusive Retailer.  I offer furniture consultations, home decor ideas, tips, private and personalized paint parties and workshops along with virtual online painting workshops.

What type of stencils do you offer?

uDesign it Chalky offers one time use vinyl stencils.  This allows me to offer personalized stencil options and helps to keep stencil costs affordable for all of your DIY projects and needs.

Can kids use Chalky paint and is it safe?

Absolutely! Chalky paint is fun and easy to use. Plus, there are no VOCs, so it is safe for children and those with breathing issues.

Do I have to shop online?

Shopping online is easy and convenient.  uDesign it Chalky does carry some inventory to select from.  Shopping online will guarantee you the products that you want for your DIY project and needs.

How long does it take to ship my order?

When you order from uDesign It Chalky's website, the orders will typically ship within 3 days.  Pesonalized stencils may take an extra day or 2 depending on what day of the week you order.  Shipping time can vary depending on what state you live in.  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping time for your project needs. 

How to use...

Follow these simple "How to's" on Chalky And Company Chalky paints and finishes along with special techniques using specialty products.

Want to learn more about how to use these products?  Book a one on one workshop with Annette.

Flat Velvet Topcoat

Glazes-Heritage Brown, Onyx, White, Vinyard

Chalkyboard Paint


Gel Stains

Stencil Collection

Chalky & Co. Retail Opportunity

Why Join Our Chalky Exclusive Retailers ?
Made In The USA Quality Product Line.  A Step By Step Start-Up. Extensive Training System. A Continuously Expanding Product Line with Monthly Additions. Multi-Streamlines of Income Opportunities. Quality Marketing Support Team. Unmatched Purchasing Power. Established Website Template.  Monthly “Out Of The Box” Subscription. A Chalky Family that masterminds together with entrepreneur spirits and goals.

If you would like to apply to be an Exclusive Chalky & Company Retailer
visit my website for more information and to apply.

Chalky Sisters

Chalky Exclusive Retailers work together to create techniques, Chalky kits, sales techniques and have become a close knit group of sisters.

Chalky Founders

The original Chalky Founders work together to bring all of the exclusive retailers training and assistance with their businesses to insure the success of all of our businesses.

Retailer Retreat

Retailers love to gather at retreat for training, inspiration, challenges and a whole lot of fun when we all gather together around the table.